soil mechanics

   The science of dealing with the mechanical properties of soils [16].

A Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology with Special Reference to Environmental Karst Hydrology. . 2002.

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  • Soil mechanics — is a discipline that applies principles of engineering mechanics, e.g. kinematics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of material, to predict the mechanical behavior of soils. Together with Rock mechanics, it is the basis for solving many… …   Wikipedia

  • soil mechanics — the branch of civil engineering that deals with the mechanical behavior of soil and similar materials when they are compressed or sheared or when liquids flow through them. * * * Study of soils and their utilization, especially in planning… …   Universalium

  • soil mechanics — noun The application of mechanics (especially fluid mechanics) to soils, especially as a basis for the design and construction of building foundations and earthworks …   Wiktionary

  • soil mechanics — plural noun [usu. treated as sing.] the study of the properties and behaviour of soil as they affect civil engineering …   English new terms dictionary

  • soil mechanics — /ˈsɔɪl məkænɪks/ (say soyl muhkaniks) noun the science of the study of soils and their behaviour …   Australian English dictionary

  • soil mechanics — noun plural but singular or plural in construction : the study of the physical properties and utilization of soils especially in planning foundations for structures and subgrades for highways …   Useful english dictionary

  • soil mechanics engineer — gruntų mechanikos inžinierius statusas T sritis profesijos apibrėžtis Inžinierius, kuris tyrinėja gruntus ir nustato galimą jų poveikį statybos darbams ir galimybes panaudoti juos kaip statybines medžiagas. Jis ima grunto paviršinio ir gelminio… …   Inžinieriai, technikai ir technologai. Trikalbis aiškinamasis žodynėlis

  • soil mechanics civil engineering technician — gruntų mechanikos technikas statusas T sritis profesijos apibrėžtis Technikas, kuris, gruntų mechanikos inžinieriaus vadovaujamas arba prižiūrimas, atlieka techninio pobūdžio užduotis. Jis padeda tirti gruntų įtempius, deformacijas, stiprumą ir… …   Inžinieriai, technikai ir technologai. Trikalbis aiškinamasis žodynėlis

  • soil mechanics and engineering — noun The sub disciplines of engineering and soil science that apply engineering principles to problems involving the soil …   Wiktionary

  • Critical state soil mechanics — Normally consolidated soil goes to critical state along the stress path on Roscoe surface Critical State Soil Mechanics is the area of Soil Mechanics that encompasses the conceptual models that represent the mechanical behavior of saturated… …   Wikipedia

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